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Chris is regarded as one of the best ‘pop’ bass singers in Europe, touring with the Flying Pickets acapella group for several years as well as appearing on heaps of film soundtracks including; Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat movie soundtrack, Evita soundtrack, Disney on Ice soundtrack, The Mission soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, Israeli TV and Monserrat Caballe, as well as countless sessions for the BBC, ITV, and commercial radio. Chris is a regular voice on the recordings for Readers Digest worldwide and has also performed at The Classical Brit awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London, at the National Theatre in London, in Monte Carlo and in Japan.Chris is currently singing bass / vocal percussion with Reset acapella (see “The ultimate human soundmachine Chris Brooker” quote Ko Burger - Balk News NL.

Do you have singing talent? Do you have rhythm? Follow singing or drum lessons with a professional! Teacher: Chris Brooker
Heb je zangtalent? Heb je ritme in je lijf? Volg dan zang- of drumlessen bij een professional! Lesgever: Chris Brooker
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Chris Brooker plays drums. Not just does drums but does drumming. He is a drummer. He has a drumkit and he sings. Chris loves singing. he is a singer. Beligians call it zang, zanger. He co-ordinates and constructs musical arrangements (be: muzical arrangementen)...................................Pop zangen in Belquique, Pop singing in English, he is also bass zanger, or bass singer as we say in Britain. He has been a member of the Flying Pickets, is currently working with Reset, an acapella, or a-capella male vocal harmony group. Barbershop stuff but bang up to date..........................A professional percussionist and a strong background in percussion, drums, piano and making other noises and sounds. Sounds silly but Chris makes brilliant noise.................... Worked with Irene Cara, Luke Goss of Bros, West End Musicals, rock, pop, theatre, show, studio recordings.........................A Queen Tribute Band is his current interest with Killer Queen racing far ahead of other Queen Tribute Bands. His presence in Killer Queen brings Roger Taylor to life and together with the Freddie Mercury fella, Patrick Myers and the superb Brian May and Johnny Deacon create a stunning tribute to the original Queen. The team bring together an astounding sound not unlike the real thing. Awesome (says:Simon Johnston)......................Chris has done many voiceovers for radio and tv commercials. His bass voice bringing warmth and depth with soft undertones which will convince you to buy that product. Your product had better be good therefore..........................Ooefenen, stem opwarmen, repetitie, I have no idea what these words mean, they;re in Belgian...........................Various other skills - golly, let's list them...Producer and musical director, muzical directeur, muzikanten, muzikant, dubbing, coaching, musical-technique, drum les, zang les, drum lesson, singing lesson, Rob de Nijs, opname studio, artiesten, professioneel drummer, professioneel zanger, professional drummer, professional singer, drummen, drumboeken, drum books, drumwerk, student, studenten, piano, engelstalige, Popidool, staracademy, compositeur, composer, keybord, keyboard, piano keyboard, workshop, workshops, West-end, producties, productions, Londen, London, acapella workshops, performance skills, musicale directie, opnamestudio, recording CD, Rollegem-Kapelle, Ledegem, Roeselare, Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, rhythm, ritme, volg zangen, volg drummen, soundtracks, sessie, human soundmachine, techniques, lyrics, sheet music, drum music, words, notes, notenleren, Roland drums, acoustic, premier, cymbals, sticks, drumsticks, vocale percussie, beat, beatboxen, beatboxing, vocale drummen, bas zanger, dictie, accent, warm, voice, listen, luister, listening, luisteren, drumnotatie, jingles, commerciele, Queen tribute, vaste-drummer, musicleren, learn music